110 Hottest Boobs in Video Games!

A German site has blessed the males (and some of the females too of course) in the gaming community with a gallery of the 110 Best Boobs in Video Games, and before you start picturing square blocks with one darker colored block in the middle of them, you better think again. Some of these images could easily be considered real images at this stage in the game when viewed quickly, so much caution in opening this link!

Admittedly this post is mainly for the guy gamers out there and you should be warned the following site has some NSFW (Not safe for work) images on them. But they pay proper homage to the amazing design and graphics capabilities of the talented people around the world who bring us the very finest in computer designed breasts within our beloved video game realm. For those of you who perhaps don’t have the experience as often as you’d prefer in real life, these games have given those little glimmering moments of childhood giddyness that we all know the sight of bare breasts can bring, without the wallet emptying experience that most dirty and disgusting strip clubs offer. (Come on, don’t sit there and pretend, just smile cuz you know I’m right :))

Now, on to the post and thank you PCAction.de!

Click here for the Boobs!


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Friday, April 9th, 2010 Gaming News

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