Black Ops – Dead Ops Arcade + Easter Eggs Revealed!

(Latest updates at bottom of post – All CIA and Dreamland Terminal Logins Found)

Now that Call of Duty: Black Ops has hit stores and the itching hands of gamers all around the world, we’ve finally had the chance to take a look for ourselves at all the various little hidden things in the game that don’t get mentioned in most mainstream articles, perhaps some left out on purpose? Well, aside from the Dead Ops Arcade, I did not previously know anything about what I just found so I’m going to share it with you all. If you prefer to not know anything about secrets in the game then you won’t want to read any further. If you’re totally wanting to know what the secret stuff is all about, then read on!

When you first start Call of Duty: Black Ops, you’re brought to a main menu where you have the standard options. Campaign, Multiplayer, Zombies, and Options displayed on a TV in front of you. If you move the right analog stick around you’ll see that you can look around the room. Further fiddling with the controller (specifically pressing the left trigger and right trigger buttons alternately) will break you free of the bindings you’re in and you’ll stand up out of your chair, also landing you an achievement as well.

Once you’re free of the chair, you can take a little walk around the room, get a good close look at the TV screens, and more importantly, you can access the computer terminal located directly behind the chair you were bound to moments earlier.

You’ll be prompted to press the X button where you’ll then be dropped into a command prompt (the bash prompt for those who are familiar with *nix operating systems). Given that I happen to be a user of Unix based operating systems, I had to start browsing around the files. When you’re in the command prompt, you can type the command “LS” and then click on the Enter key to get a listing of the directory you’re in. You’ll see a number of things in there and I apologize ahead of time for the crudeness of this picture but it’s all I had at the moment to capture the screen.

New pictures to come when I can afford an HD capture device

As you can (barely) see, a list of very common Unix commands are visible as well as a number of files that the developers have placed in there to be explored by our curious minds. I’m not going to tell you about every little thing because I think that would completely ruin the surprise of the game, but I will give you a hint to find something that you may not otherwise find by simply accessing the terminal.

What you’ll want to do is type the following command (without the quotation marks) “CD /” and then click the Enter button. Once you change directories, you can then do another “LS” and press the Enter button to see a file listing of the current directory you’re in. Here you can check e-mails on the system and play with some other files and even a few mini-games. Type the command “MAIL” and hit enter, then you can enter a question mark and hit enter to see the usage (Hint: Just put the number of the email you want to read and hit enter while in the MAIL mode). You’ll find some interesting information in there that’s surely to be used at a later time, a time I hope to figure out after resting from my initial binge of Black Ops.

Also in there are some games that may cause extreme moments of nostalgia for those older technical souls who fondly remember the text based rpg games of the BBS days (“zork” is the program you’ll want to run to see that), as well as a widely known early version of a conversation bot, named “alicia”. To run programs, just type the name of the program you want to run and either an associated help command will appear or the file will actually run whatever program it is.

Which  brings us to the most fun part of the terminals… Dead Ops Arcade!

If you don’t know what Dead Ops Arcade is, it’s essentially a top-down view like many of the XBox Live Arcade games are where you control the direction of your character with the left stick and you fire your weapon using the right stick (pressing the stick in any direction will fire your weapon in the direction pressed). It’s essentially like playing Nazi Zombies from a top down view with many of the same perks from the original zombie mode appearing in this version as well. It was a blast to play and I can see many nights disappearing to this little mini game. To play Dead Ops Arcade, just type “doa” and then press the Enter key and off it goes!

This mode has been previously leaked and here’s a video on how to unlock Dead Ops Arcade

YouTube Preview Image

After finding it in the terminal, I noticed Dead Ops Arcade was also in my menu for Zombies. In all fairness, I did happen to stumble onto Dead Ops Arcade and the terminal before I even got to the Zombie menu for the first time so maybe it exists there in the first place and all the other stuff is the secret. Either way, I didn’t know about this stuff and I’m guessing most other people out there don’t either.

As a tech guy, it was an awesome little easter egg to get dropped into a bash prompt and find that common commands worked. I think I’m gonna end up wasting a lot of time just trying to hack around in the terminal let alone even playing the actual game. One command I’m really wondering why it was included is the rlogin command… could there be some potential intentional hacking hidden in our Black Ops futures?

I intend to find out, and when I do, I will most certainly be reporting back.

If you’ve figured out any secrets or found any easter eggs,  feel free to send me an e-mail at and I’ll be sure to include it in the updated posts!

Until then, happy hacking!


I’m still working on figuring out the passwords for the logins but there are a few codes you can use at the terminal console to unlock some modes.

Type “3ARC INTEL” to unlock and view all Intel (WARNING: Will disable Closer Analysis Achievement!)

Type “3ARC UNLOCK” to unlock all the Zombies levels

Type “zork” to play the text based RPG Zork I: The Great Underground Empire

Type “doa” to play Dead Ops Arcade (Top down XBox Arcade style Zombies game)

To read .txt files

Type “cat DAD-LETTER1.txt”

Same for sound and picture files

Type the “who” command followed by the Enter key to get a list of usernames.

Type “login” and hit Enter to be prompted for a Username, then you can try a password for the username you are attempting.

There is also an rlogin command which is intended to login to remote systems but I have yet to find the name of a remote system to attempt a login to.

amason’s password is still “password” so you can always use that to login to the system as well.

More updates to come…



To login as the following users (which also adds different content to their directory listings) type “LOGIN” as described above and enter the following username / password combos to login as those users and access their files and emails as well.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Terminal Logins (Complete list of CIA and Dreamland logins, still working on 3 home directory users as well as DoD and Derriese system logins)

Username: amason
Password: password

Username: asmith
Password: roxy

Username: bharris
Password: goskins (Thanks Phil Wright!)

Username: dking
Password: mfk

Username: fwoods (Thanks benbenjiben!)
Password: philly

Username: gweaver (thanks drcancerman!)
Password: gedeon

Username: jbowman
Password: uwd

Username: jfkennedy
Password: lancer

Username: jhudson
Password: bryant1950

Username: jmccone
Password: berkley22

Username: jturner
Password: condor75

Username: lbjohnson
Password: ladybird

Username: rhelms
Password: lerosey

Username: rjackson
Password: saintbridget

Username: rkain
Password: sunwu

Username: rnixon
Password: checkers

Username: tbrooks
Password: lauren

Username: twalker
Password: radi0 (Note: That’s a zero on the end)

Username: vbush
Password: manhattan

Username: wraborn
Password: bromlow

Usernames with home directories but don’t show up in the “who” listing




The rlogin command is almost certainly supposed to be used to login to the “Dreamland” server which requires “MJ-12” clearance. MJ-12 is a reference to a group created in the 40’s to investigate possible alien interactions with earth after Roswell ( but I’m not sure what the deal is here since the password for vbush is manhattan to begin with. (Dr. Vannevar Bush was a member and there is a vbush login, not working for rlogin’ing into dreamland though, yet..)

Type “RLOGIN DREAMLAND” to attempt a login with a username and password.

Found a file in vbush’s home directory called “dlpw.txt”, it’s encoded. You can decode the file by typing this:

decode the string inside dlpw.txt

The password appears to be “MANHATTAN” after decoding the contents.

Dreamland System:

Username: vbush (
Password: majestic1

Username: roppen (
Password: trinity (thanks again drcancerman!)

Username: twalker
Password: thanksdad (thanks mafiafilms!)


Ok, I’m decoding the emails right now, lbjohnson has 2 emails which are encoded (4 and 5) and I am manually decoding them right now, so far the first line in the first encrypted email says…

TO: Johnson, L
FROM: Jason Hudson






TO: Johnson, L
FROM: Jason Hudson






The hacking continues….more updates to come



Dreamland system accessed using all 3 known usernames and passwords (vbush, roppen, and twalker),

roppen has a bunch of text files containing transcripts of recordings of experiments that are obviously related to zombies and an encrypted file called hai1.txt and it’s contents decrypted say:


File called Radiance.txt in roppen’s home directory is encrypted, here it is decoded:


File called hai2.txt decoded:


hai5.txt decoded


(I’m starting to get real tired of manually decoding these messages, it’s a serious pain in the ass. Note to Treyarch, this is all very cool stuff, but couldn’t you have figured out an easier way for console users to decode these messages? I’m even using the keyboard that attaches to a controller and it’s still annoying, can’t copy and paste to decode or anything like I’m sure PC users can)

Logged into the Dreamland system with twalker

Encrypted lines in Update.txt file in his directory are



No emails in twalker’s login, a few back and forth emails between vbush and roppen inside their logins, nothing to mention that’s significant yet.

You can also try these remote system logins

rlogin dod (no logins yet)b

rlogin derriese (no logins yet)

rlogin cia (all starting logins work here)

to go back to the starting CIA system.



Ok, so I’ve been going through all the txt files and decoding them and it looks like a lot of the files that actually have data in them are related to zombies, Dr. Maxis, and the story of how it all came to be. I’m not disappointed really, but the text files are just the transcripts of what you hear on the radios in World at War’s zombie mode when you find the radios. To see the transcripts, click here.

I’m now working on getting into the DoD and Derriese systems, I’ve tried the following username and password combos which have so far been unsuccessful (These logins are not confirmed to even exist, I’m just trying them based on probability after seeing the logins for the other systems and also after reading almost every text file I’ve come across.)

rlogin derriese

Possible Username: lmaxis
Unsuccessful Password Attempts: samantha, sophia, 935, group935, fluffy, hellhound, hellhounds, reichstag, wunderwaffle, zombies, thegiant, giant, doctormax, element115, 115, peter, (still trying)

Possible Username: erichtofen
Unsuccessful Password Attempts: schnapps, fluffy, thebutcher, butcher

Possible Username: tdemsey
Unsuccessful Password Attempts: peter, tank, zombies, meatsack, meatsacks


I’m taking a break from the hacking to actually play the game. Thanks to all you guys who are helping out, keep leavin those comments!


Rumor has it that rmcnamara (Robert McNamara) is a login on the DoD system. Would make sense but no further details as of yet.

Possible Username: rmcnamara
Possible Password Unsuccessful Attempts: agentorange, orange, directive5120, directive5120.36, worldbank, margaret, august13, robert, craig, fogofwar, piedmont33, kathleen, dfence, defense, vietnam, strange, oakland, thirdwindow, crisis, bayer,


Thanks to commenter FL Projectile for pointing out that you can plug a USB keyboard into your XBox to make the process easier, this will be a huge help!


Currently updating the attempted username and password lists above that we have no passwords for. Just sitting here trying to brute force at the moment and doing research on the characters since it seems all the passwords are related to them somehow. Keep sending in your clues or ideas!



Ok guys, I have to say something here… after doing even more digging and taking this to the next level of investigation (as in, I’ve left the game and began searching online for clues and information that could be related) and I’ve found a few things that now lead me to believe Treyarch is making this far bigger than we realize.

There have apparently been “strange messages” popping up on Craigslist with some references to old Germany and numeric codes. Code breaking communities out there are seemingly going a little nuts trying to crack the code, keep in mind, they don’t seem to know about Call of Duty. Check out this site here for example (Links to

Also, the voice says “Group 617” before the numeric sequence begins, well, in my investigation and research I’ve found references to groups with numbers such as Group 935 for Dr. L. Maxis’s zombie experiments. Funny enough, a number of these code cracking links appear to go back to Nazi conspiracy type sites…. and there’s more…

Apparently back in July of this year, a Call of Duty: Black Ops blog named, got sent to them a package containing Nazi era German documents and other pictures and photocopied items marked “Declassified” (Download them here). After going through each picture (many of them are very hard to read, I’m not sure if they were scanned at a low resolution or maybe came that way), I think it’s pretty obviously related to this whole mystery they’ve created and I’m really curious where other things will turn up next.

That’s two situations I now know about outside of the video game itself that seem to be uncanny in their content and possible relation to the game. I’m now torn between scouring the internet for clues and actually putting the game on and trying to hack around the console, let alone even just playing the game itself!

This is awesome and I am definitely hooked on finding more stuff, this is a game in itself!

The updates will continue!

Ok guys, as commenter “Acc3ss” points out, there is a list of names in one of the file hashes that looks like it could be the usernames for the zombie systems. (Thanks Acc3ss) It’s a good point and it could make sense that the user name structure could be different.

Here’s the list of those possible usernames and I’m going to note them with the system they are likely associated with

rmcnamara – Likely on DoD
drmaxis – Likely on zombie systems
edward – Likely on zombie systems
erichtofen – Likely on zombie systems (is this the same as edward above? he’s the only Edward I know of in the story)
nbelinksi – Nikolai from Zombie mode (so probably zombies)
peter – Peter is the name of the contact in one of the encoded files in the file system I mentioned earlier (twalker’s directory, Update.txt)
samantha – Daughter of Dr. Maxis (likely zombie system)
sophia – Contact of Dr. Maxis (likely zombie system)
tdempsey – Tank Dempsey (From zombies, so zombie system)
tmasaki – Taka or whatever from Zombies (zombie system)

I tried playing some more to see if I could find more worthwhile intel but if someone out there wants to collect all the intel together in one place so we can read it all, I bet that holds a lot of clues to this.

Realistically speaking, I can’t spend hours and hours trying to locate every little piece of intel so we could definitely use the help there.

Thanks to commenter Mafia Films, we now have some video of a couple of the hidden film reels in Zombie mode, check out his video here if you want to see the footage. Thanks Mafia!

YouTube Preview Image

Also, commenter mtgtopdeck has created a great spreadsheet of all the usernames, passwords, and associated files which makes it a whole lot easier to see where stuff is. Thanks mtg!

Click here for the spreadsheet

Good work guys, they may not mean anything yet, but the more info we have the better!



Hey guys, as commenter iaMikaruk has pointed out, someone cracked the number code and it turns out it’s A=0 B-1 etc… you can see the post here

“If you didn’t quite understand the rushed explanation in my first post of what to do once you have the key, the easiest way to think about it is to assign A = 0, B = 1, … , Z = 25, then you /subtract/ the value of the key from the value of the ciphertext. If you go back past ‘A’, then you go to ‘Z’ and continue counting backwards.
For example, if the letter in the ciphertext is ‘B,’ and the respective letter in our key is ‘D’, then you go back subtract D =3 letters from B = 1, to get the plaintext Y = 24
Or more formally: 1 – 3 = -2 = 24 (mod 26)”

If BlitzOff ever sees this post, great job on cracking the code!



Ok guys, commenter Captain Havoc shared with us a link to what is apparently being considered “Breaking news” with Black Ops. Well, I watched the video, and I was laughing to myself thinking how basic the stuff this guy is talking about is. I mean, seriously guys, if this is what kids today call “cracking” then I’m scared for our futures.

Here’s the video so you can see for yourself, try not to laugh too hard when he starts explaining his “cracking” process of writing down all the letters from each mission and then just reading them when he had them all at the end, maybe it’s flamboyant way of explaining it but…..lmfao

YouTube Preview Image

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s not something “clever” but it was clearly obvious and meant to be found pretty easily (and it has zero impact on the actual game itself aside from a story twist).

As for the rest of you who have been keeping up and participating in the cracking and hacking, keep hunting guys, we’re still working at it and the pace has slowed down a little because I think we’re all spending more time playing the game than trying to crack it, but keep those eyes open for clues. I’ve been playing Zombie mode a bunch more lately hoping to find some random clue, so far I’ve gotten 2 movie reels while playing in the rooms the teleporter brings you to after the projector room but nothing solid yet. We’re gonna figure it out…


Ok, I’m going over the files under the vbush login for the Dreamland system and in one of the files, Dr. Maxis personal file, he talks about how Sophia has grown attracted to him. It may be a clue for Sophia’s password…



Ok guys, this isn’t really an update to the terminal stuff but it could hold clues somehow also. I’ve pieced together some information regarding the new Zombie map, check it out here…

Don’t forget guys, we have forums that you’re all welcome to join at (it’s free), you can post stuff, links to videos and pictures or share your scores, makes it a little easier to collaborate too and I’ll be sure to include info in your posts in the main post here as well – We’re still a young site and growing so all gamers are more than welcome!

We’re also trying to get some people together for some awesome squad battles and private games so if you’re interested then the forums are the place to go!

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  • Kieran says:

    Hey if you go on Call Of The Dead on solo and quit there is a little cutscene with george romero talking about his research into a world war 2 film he was going to produce and how he came across some “wierd shit” in some old nazi documents. he also mentions that within the documents are 115 and stories of 115 raising the dead and ends with: 2the weirdest thing? some of that crazy shit went down right here.” and ends i saw this like a day ago and i was stunned to find these stories everyone was coming up with actually are true!

  • RazorBladez says:

    Hey, so I’ve heard from a friend that when complete the Ascension easter egg that when Samantha says “come find me” you can see her where you turn on the power. He also says that he has an email on his terminal saying that easter egg mode has been activated…..i’m thinking that the two must be connected.

  • thesecrets says:

    the whole game is a numeric comand prompt. think about it. the numbers. is the code in the main menu

  • Nickstern says:

    Well one thing for sure is that one person in the team who developed Black Ops knows everything to do with the terminal…
    or lots of people know different parts. But what i’m saying is, the developing team could be the key to the terminals secrets!
    I say we track them down if this hits a dead end…

  • randy says:

    so what all does this reveal about our own government? what is that chemical formula and what does it mean/ make? what “experiments” are they talking about in those pictures/ letters? what do those pictures even mean? ive read through most of them and i havnt figured much out. but i guess what im really asking is, has the government made/ obtained the zombie virus? if so are they planning on releasing it?

  • randy says:

    i think this has a connection with the illuminati. itd all make a whole lot more sense. and to figure out the secrets you gotta spend hours cracking the code.

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